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What if you didn’t have to negotiate?

Imagine a universe where you didn’t have to negotiate your salary. What if all employers ensured that every employee was given equitable pay for the experience they bring to the organization. I’m sure there is a software program that could help them do this.

I created a list of 5 ways your life would change if we took salary negotiation away. You could…

  1. Start celebrating immediately after you accept the offer

  2. Stop stressing about how to position your request

  3. Focus on doing more research on your new company

  4. Stop second guessing whether you are getting paid the same as your male counterpart

  5. Feel confident you made the right decision and that you are working for a world class organization

Does that sound like the type of universe you would like to live in? I believe this could be our reality. More women are demanding equal pay, and employers are listening. But, they also need to take action. I’m sure there are all types of reasons that this can’t happen overnight, however, if planned appropriately it can happen. Like any business decision, companies must put this in their budgets during the planning cycle. This should be viewed as another goal the organization needs to set and achieve in order be successful.

My call to action to CEOs and HR professionals: Make equity in pay a priority for your organization. It’s the fastest way to make a difference in the lives of your employees and ultimately the world.

Dame Mica



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