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10 Tips for Advocating for Yourself in the Workplace

On episode 9, the Dames spoke about advocating for yourself in the workplace. The biggest takeaway? It all comes down to confidence. Whether it’s speaking up during a meeting or making your claim for why you deserve a raise, confidence and preparation will help you take on the challenge. Here are a few tips the Dames discussed:

  1. Preparation – plan out your points and get your notes ready.

  2. Start small – decide on 1 – 3 things that you really want to say in a meeting and focus on getting that out.

  3. Practice confidence in your personal life.

  4. Pick your battles – we can’t fight for everything; choose what really matters.

  5. Ask others for their opinions – help other women step out of their comfort zones and bring them along.

  6. Own your successes – use “we” when you really want to talk about the team. Don’t be afraid to say “I” when it truly is about you.

  7. Keep track of your accomplishments.

  8. Encourage girls to use their voice and speak up starting from a young age.

  9. Be part of the discussion – embrace Sheryl Sandberg’s adage and “Lean In.”

  10. My personal mantra – Be afraid and do it anyway.  

In the end, Arnisha says it best: No one is going to advocate for you as much as you can.

Dame Molly

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